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Covers Worth More Than Gold

Like some new proper hijaabi's I started veiling my face with only the half niqabs , always coming up with excuses as to why I couldn't cover my face completely. The reason I began to cover my eyes as well is because I actually began to "see" that all the reasons not to, were just excuses and nothing more.

I have always been told my eyes are very expressive and Mashallah what a wonderful gift for my husband to be, why should I want to share that with anyone else? Whose eyes don't sparkle when we meet up with friends? Whose eyes don't shine when we hear a fascinating story? And whose eyes don't crinkle up so cute when they smile from the heart? When I began to reason on all these things seriously, I began my journey into covering my face completely.

At first, it was difficult, but Alhumdililah, Allah sees the heart and He sees the effort we put forth in His name so He makes things easy for us. If we remain close to Him in all we do, there is nothing He won't allow us to accomplish for the sake of Him.

My hands I choose to cover simply for the fact that I am one of those individuals who talks with her hands. They can tell their own story should I let them and they do. By wearing gloves, I feel that I am protected from creating fitnah and I really feel confident about that.

I "cover" my voice as well. I don't speak to non-mahram men unless absolutely necessary and that is a rare, rare occasion. My job is really good in that my coworkers are aware as to why I observe proper veiling and they do go out of their way to make sure I never have to deal with male patients or personnel. When I speak to the nurses or family members in the presence of non-mahram men, I make sure my voice is low and flat. I am straight to the point and don't share in any joking or laughing.

At home answering the phone is not a problem. I have an answering machine. Alhumdililah, for answering machines! My son, Dawud has recorded a message so its not my voice on the machine and if he is home, he is the one that picks up the phone and takes messages if need be.

My presence I "cover" for I only go out when absolutely necessary, which right now is just work and shopping for necessities. I have two wonderful older sisters who have been really good in taking me to and from work as well as taking me shopping when we're in need of something, so Alhumdililah I am never alone when out and about. As far as what I do if someone comes knocking on my door. Dawud asks who it is and we take it from there.

If it is a package and he is home, he takes it in bringing me the slip should it require a signature. If I am home alone and expecting a package, I leave a note attached to my door letting the postmaster know that he may leave it with my next door neighbor and that usually takes care of needing a signature as well.

I really hope, Insh'Allah, that this article of mine will serve as a source of encouragement to sisters everywhere who have been grappling with the idea of veiling fully for the sake of Allah. May they come to know the complete joy and fulfillment full hijaabi's experience day to day. It may seem bothersome with all the twists and turns we need to do in order to accomplish our goal of remaining fully veiled but Allahu Akbar ukhtis who ever said that the path to Jennah is an easy and straight road?

May Allah keep us all in His shade.

Your Sister in Islam,