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Hijaab Saves Hair

Lately few cosmetic experts came up with a rumor saying that hijaab is one of the important reasons for hair falling and so affecting the beauty of women .

This rumor was spread simultaneously with the spread of hijab among Muslim females around the world .

Two PhDs are replying back for this rumor as follows :
Dr. M. El-Samahi , Cosmetic surgery professor – Ain-Shams University / College of Medicine – says that hijaab is totally free from any negative effect on the health of hair ,, many scientific researches were been done across number of women either veiled or not and those researches proved completely that there is no relation at all between hijaab and hair falling , but on the contrary hijaab is saving and protecting hair from environmental factors ,, she also added that using hijaabs made of cotton or natural materials is much more healthier in general for covering hair or skin.

Dr. M. El-Samahi added that hair falling can only happen for two reasons ( have no third ) :
• Unstable psychological condition
• General sanitary condition of the body ,,, hair gets its nutrition from the body so it is a must to have adequate quantities from fruits , vegetables and proteins in your food to keep hair healthy too.

It is a must also to eliminate reasons of tension , unstable psychological conditions and take more care of the body’s general sanitary condition in conjunction with stopping excessed usage of creams , oils and shampoos as they affect hair ,, also cleaning hair twice a week is very sufficient in normal cases.

Dr. M.Nada – PhD. Of Skin diseases – Cairo University / College of Medicine – says that hijaab is a protection to hair ,, air flows and direct exposure to sun light make hair loose its softness , color and turn it weak ,, exposing hair to air has nothing to do with the scalp as it gets its nutrition from the body ,, the visible part of hair over the scalp is made of cornea cells that are not live ,, hair gets its nutrition from blood vessels inside skin and having healthy body in general is connected to the health of hair.