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Assalaamu Alaiki

My name is Ummzubair and I am a proper hijaabi , My daughter is 8 years old, she wears hijab. Ma Shaa Allah, she has worn hijab since she was 3 months old. I use to purchase hankies and fold them in a triangle an put them on her head.

I feel as this if you raise I child in the way they should go they wont stray. So since this is what she has always seen herself in, and of course me she wears it proudly.

Now that we live in a so called Muslim country she still wears it although most of the girls that attend school with her do not. But she does and wears it proudly and on the weekends sometime she wears a proper hijaab.

When we return to the States I wont have to fight with her to wear the hijab or the proper hijaab because it has been taught to love honor and respect the hijab and the commands of Allah from an early age.

She knows that the hijab is part of her daily attire and she loves to wear it and jilbabs..