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Assalaamu Alikum,

I want to share my story of how I started getting my daughter in hijab at 4yrs.old!!

I have been Muslim now for over 8yrs.and having a child was a great blessing to me , A true blessing from Allah(swt) , With this gift I must be trusted to raise my children correctly and accordingly based on Quran & Sunnah , Living in this western society where lewdness is very expected , I feel it is incumbent to raise our daughters to be modest from a very early age!! Hijab should start when their puberty or when they are at the age of decision like(e.g.) 7 and up!!

We must teach them now when they are at the age of molding such as toddler years.

I started having my daughter wearing hijab everywhere we went at the age of 4 and she loves hijab and she doesn't want to leave out the house without it Masha'allah

She still wears regular clothes that covers her because of the lack of sisters sewing but still in all I Teach Hijab to her in not only dress but in character, We are responsible for our children and how they turn out ,We are the shepherds and Allah will ask about how did we take care of our flock(children),Hijab is beautiful and it should be a major role in a little girls life.!!

She will grow up honoring herself , body, mind and soul , Lets do what's pleasing to our Lord best!!

My daughter loves Hijab ..I am happy she does and I always compliment her on her dress ,this encourages her more , "So Insha'Allah lets be the best Mothers and give a excellent gift of Covering and Honoring OUR BODIES to our Daughter"

Your sister in Islam