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Sister Sobia Proper Hijaab Story

Assalam alaikum warahamtullahi wabarakaatuh,

Well,I really do not have an interesting story at all regarding how I came to proper Hijab,But,I'll just tell you how it came about .

At 10,I started wearing Hijab outside the house,It wasn't really the real kinda Hijab,like covering the hair in front of your non Mahram, cuz I guess I was too immature and didn't understand.I just used to wear it outside the house.I really enjoyed wearing that Hijab made me feel great.It was during this time that I used to go to this evening Islamic school with my Mum and sister to learn Arabic etc.

Now, I was the youngest in my class..all the other women would be married with children etc.Whenever we used to either enter or leave the school,everyone else used to be covered from head to toe,Masha Allah.And, though I was younger than them,I would feel very uncomfortable.So,I told my Mum that I would like to wear the proper hijaab..this was when I had just turned 12.Then,I told her that I do not want to continue studying in the same school because it was co-ed and it would be difficult for me.Alhamdulillah,my Mum said ok,if I was ready.

Since we live in a place where we don't have any relatives,it was easier for me to try it out and be ready for it before we went for vacation etc.I tried on the proper hijaab, just to experiment.Well,frankly speaking, I loved it..I was finally like my Mum and sis!I tried to keep my eyes covered and everything..but,I have to admit, that it was a bit hard at times when we had family friends over at our place..I'd forget that I had to cover my face because I'd be playing or something of the sort.During December of that year,our uncle and his wife came from America and it would be the first time we'd be meeting them.

Now,his wife had just recently embraced Islam and my Mum said that it might scare her off Islam if she's a 12 year old kid in full proper hijaab and gloves etc..and also because there would be 3 proper hijaabis in one family and no one else in our Dad's side covers her face.So ,my Mum said that it would be ok for me to lift it off for a while,since I was just experimenting and then start it again properly when I come back home.Then,I really liked it and I told her no,I wouldn't..but,my Mum insisted and I ended up agreeing but only on the condition that if I get any sin for that,it'll rest upon my Mum's shoulders.( now,I take that back.I think that she was more open to Islamic teachings that vacation and this time when we met seemed that she was a bit concious about at least covering her hair,Alhamdulillah) After we came back from our vacation,I started doing proper Hijab right away and that was during Ramadan,the beginning of 1998.Alhamdulillah,I haven't taken it off since.

So,that's my story..I know I bored you ..Oh, and just in case,someone is confused and thinks I just left my studies altogether,Alhamdulillah,I gave my IGCSE(British curriculum,something like grades 9-10 of High School) exams at the age of 13.And,I am just about to graduate from High School at 15,Insha Allah.

May Allah guide all sisters to proper Hijab and may He make easy this path for all.May Allah grant us Shahaadah.

Your sister in Islam,