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Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmat
Allahu Wa Barakatuh


I pray this finds us all in good health and wonderful deen..I started wearing Proper Hijaab 2 months after I reverted. I live in a small town and last year was the only Muslimah ..This year there are around 30 or so. Mash`allah..Alhemdu`allah....The thing that drew me to properly veil was that I was reading the Quran and then the sealed necter....I kept coming across where the women would veil their face.

Then my understanding of properly veiling is to fully cover everything.....And I wanted to do what Allah wanted me to do...So I prayed and prayed ..Well my husband hadn't reverted yet and it was very hard here ,I am trying to wear Islamic dress in the summer when my husband was wanting to go swimming in public places...So I got up one morning and made my first Proper Hijaab...I showed it to my mother whom is very supportive of me ...She told me I was beautiful with Proper Hijaab on.

I now have a collection....I was out of work at the time and wore Proper Hijaab every time I went out of the house...Here people stare you down , kids make fun and the parents do nothing to explain to them what I am... Anyway this went on for months until April of this year...I went back to work..I work in a walmart store in public.. So I took off my Proper Hijaab...(I didn't want to scare the children) ..hahahaha...So I was at war with my self over this..Sisters I kid you not my soul was in torment... I felt as If I had died.. Lost something that was a very important part of my deen.. Well I went back to work.. Men would look and smile young boys would look turn around and look again...Make rude remarks like ( I can make you happy honey).. I wanted to hide...It was awful...So I contacted my dear sisters here .. :)

I needed to be comforted and to heal with my sisters...And I thank Allah everyday for you all.. Alhemdu`allah...I loved what one sister told me not to worry about others children being afraid that it was their fault that their children didn't know about Muslimahs... You were right!!!!!! I now wear Proper Hijaab and not 1 child is afraid...They want to know what I am .. Of course the parents do not tell them just drag them off... Poor children may they all revert when they get old enough to understand.. I pray for them cause they are innocent and their parents will not tell them why I wear the clothes or why I cover my face..Insha`allah one day they will know.. I will never turn away from Proper Hijaab again...Allah showed me how naked I was without it....I am happy feel confidant and very safe inside my veils looking out...

Ma salaam your sister Raja