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As salaamu Alaikum Wa RahmahtuAllahi
Wa Barakatuhu...Sisters!

My name is Saalihah and I have been Muslim now for almost 9 years Masha'Allah , Although I have been Muslim that long I was not always covering According to the Quran and Sunnah,I wore hijab always from the first moments into Islam and wore the veil sometimes,It was not till 3 years ago when I really learned how Muslim women should cover, After me and my best friend reading the Noble Quran and its interpretations we together began to research deeper into what was the Sunnah saying about covering our entire bodies,and sure enough the Sunnah was a direct link to what the Quran was saying That the wearing of hijab is to cover everything from head to toe.

We as women are to cover our bodies completely "Only showing one eye or two to see the way when in necessity!"After my learning of how we are to cover I began wearing gloves and covering my eyes too, The only time I will uncover them is to see what I am looking for when I am shopping, I feel so comfortable in my dress Supan'Allah, I do not want any man to look at me at all. Like one of my friends said "Don't give the people nothing".

Allah has made women precious and we should honor that and do what Allah has ordained on women we should to follow the example of RasulAllah (saw) straight to the third generations of Muslims, We should as Muslimahs strive to emulate as much as possible our character and actions like the Sahabiyatts(ra).

Learning what Allah(swt) says in the Quran and what The Prophet(saw) and His Companions taught I am a believer and follower of that and I want that to show in my dress.

I 100% believe in what I do and love to cover completely ,To be a Muslim woman it is incumbent upon me to dress according to what My Lord(Rabb) has established for women and that to me includes covering hands and eyes,"Sisters it is a beauty and a mercy from Allah to dress this way for it is a protection of our Honor!" I have been covering my hands and eyes now for about 2 yrs solid AlhamduliAllah

May Allah keep us all on the Straight Path..Ameen!!
From Your Sister In ISLAM