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Bissmllahi Arrahmani Arrahiem
Assalamou 'Aleikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu

Dear Sister,

I am already on this site with a few pics on different sections and with my story "Proper hijaab in Brussels", But I will be happy to tell you how I came to wear eyeveils and gloves.

When I started thinking about taking the full veil, about eight months ago, I wore the gloves before I wore the proper hijaab, I thought it was a good and not so obvious way to start covering, I liked it when other people couldn't see my hands, you see in women's company I am a good dancer and I like to keep my hands manicured and to wear my golden and diamond rings - no mean to brag here:) it is just an inheritance :)

Well anyway I felt good with gloves and then I said to myself : I just can start right ahead with the proper hijaab, And the next day I put on a half proper hijaab, I made it myself, I thought a light veil over my eyes would be sufficient and so I chose very light gauze material to make it from, But then I saw myself in the mirror and said to myself : wow, this way I have very beautiful eyes, they can be considered attractive ! And the next day, I wore the proper hijaabs that I had ordered from an online-shop with eyeflap down.

I immediately felt better that way, Of course I got many stares, but I didn't care, I felt good and pleased Allah SWT and that is what I like to do most. Since then I have used the eyeflap most of the times, I lift it when I have to read small figures like prices on articles in the supermarket for example, I also lift it when the ticket controller in the train passes by me to see if my subscription is still alright because I have a pic on it with just hijab, I never had any problem there either.

Basically I like the fact of keeping my awrah for Allah SWT and my husband incha'allah (I'm not re-married yet). I am now in contact with a Brother who approves of proper hijaab and likes me to keep my job alhamdulillah. Incha'allah this is the man of my life !