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As salaam Alaikum Sisters!


The reason I started veiling my hands and eyes was because the interpretation as laid down by Allah (swt) in the Noble Quran, Described by the Sahabas(ra) and approved by the Prophet Muhammad(saw) on Hijaab and jilbab is that the jilbab is that outer sheet that covers a woman from head to toe, only showing the left eye, and only showing two eyes ONLY in a necessity! So, in actual, we are not really to show two eyes, we are to only show one, or cover them both to wear we can see properly! Now, this was not my interpretation, this is the interpretation of the GREAT Sahabas(ra).

The proper interpretation of the Hijaab can be found at hijaab.htm , I wear all black when I go out, and I wear a full face burqah, which for my eye piece use a netting to cover my eyes! I find this to be very convenient, I live in the U.S, so it does not look like too much to deal with And my netting is so nice I can drive with it on over my eyes, I can also lift it if I need to.

But it is one piece of netting, that is dark enough that no one can see in, but I can definitely see out! I really feel much more comfortable in my full face burqah, actual better than when I wore my eyes showing, I felt that men could still see me when I showed my eyes, ooooooh weird uh! Yes, I felt that men could still see me with my eyes showing, And so, when I started covering them, you will never believe how totally complete I begin to feel, When I take my children to the zoo's, and museums this spring and summer and other children dominated places, I will switch my usual color of black, to a very dark dark gray, or may be Navy blue, (I do not want to stray to far from black LOL) But, when I take my children out to totally children dominated places, I will change my color and my proper hijaab with in the form of a burqah, still made to cover my eyes, but the same color as my hijaab.

Personally I always wear black, I think it is the BEST non demonstrative color, and it draws less attention to your person, Even though I am a Muslimah that wears the full face burqah, I admire and feel a real since of Mashallah in my heart when I see another Muslim sister dressed in full hijaab! I always say to myself mashallah!! Sisters! Please wear your properhijaabs, showing the face is a disgrace! For the woman, it is not good, men can still see the most attractive aspect on you, YOUR FACE! They love to see your face, with the small hijaabs barely covering your bosoms, made for 2-3 yr old children, flowered hijaabs that accentuate the face, I mean some sisters are wearing some seriously bussy headcoverings ,no face veils, Audobillah! Follow the Sunnah properly sisters, and lets stop looking for books, and scholars or students of knowledge to justify there on desire of looking at women, and for you to show your face! No, matter what you believe sisters, it does not matter, our deen is already laid out for us to follow!

There is no need to do what you want, or to follow your own desires! The women of the jinnah wear veils, and the Sahabiyats and the common Muslim women of that time ALL wore full hijaab outside of their homes!! We must obey them, and emulate them! I really personally have little to no respect for any man that knowling tells a woman it is okay for her to show her face! Then I have to start questioning his intentions! Subannallah, sisters, this is NO GOOD, you must adopt and wear your veils TODAY! Aiesha(ra) also did not like Muslim women to wear anything outside of their homes, one hadith states that some women were coming toward Aiesha(ra) and she straight forwardly asked them, "Are you believing women?" they replied YES" and she said to them straight up!

If you are believing women then this is not the dress of the believing women" and if you are NOT believing women then enjoy it!! She was telling them that the clothing they were wearing were HARAAM! Not in accordance with the form of hijaab laid down by Allah! Please sisters straighten yourselves up, and COVER YOUR FACES! May Allah(swt) forgive me if I have said any wrong, and reward me if I have said what is right!!

As salaam Alaikum with love to All my sisters for Allah's sake!