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Sister Dinah's Experience


I am Dinah, and was born in Europe to a Christian family. 


I am wearing hijab and jilbab since I took my shehadah a few years ago. 


Later I got married to a husband who was born Muslim and whose family lives in the Emirates , Before I got pregnant a few months ago I started following the rules of purdah such as followed by the family of my husband. 


I started to wear full proper hijaab, and not to go out unnecessarily and only when accompanied by Mahram , a few weeks later we moved together with my in-laws. 


My mother in law and her daughters are all proper hijaabis , they believe the female voice is awrah and fully cover when there are non-mahram visitors.

My mother in law is a good Muslimah and of great help for me , their younger daughters are all in purdah since they were twelve.

For me it was difficult at the beginning but I am easing into it , it is an important step to more purity and modesty and also to provide my children with a proper Islamic environment.

It is good that also my father in law can assume the role of Mahram companion when I am leaving the house.

When my baby will be a girl I want her to grow up in Purdah.