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Assalamu Alaikum,

For me the decision to wear proper hijaab was a very straightforward one. My husband and I attend weekly talks at a big Masjid in England.

Last year one of the talks given by the Shaykh was on "the status of Hijab". He outlined clearly from Quran and ahadith how wearing proper hijaab was compulsory. My husband and I were therefore convinced that it was necessary for me to wear proper hijaab.

I bought one and although found it hard initially, I would now not dream of being without it. (except at work, I am a school teacher). I made Dua to Allah to make it easy for me and he has. My life has been enriched by my wearing of proper hijaab.

I also got much needed support from a good friend in here , and from Muslimah Inspirations and the proper hijaabi e-mail groups.

Sorry its not more exciting or dramatic.