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Sister Amirah Story

I was born in the USA , My mother and Father was together at that time. When I moved , I was 4 years old. I lived with my family. Then my Grandmother moved in the home. She always talked about God to me. My father sung in a Gospel Group. They went from city to city. He always talked to me too. My mother was a church person. She said that she would never change.

I grow up going from one belief to another. And I Had 5 children. 2 girls and 3 boys. In 1990 of June. I looked in the phone book for a place to call my own for my children and I to have a religious home.I went to the MCC with a friend named Sister Jameelah. I asked her about Islam. I was very happy and this was the last stop for me.Mashallah. I started wearing the hijab pinned under my neck. And A big shirt. I thought that I was okay. But, I was being looked at very hard.

I have seen the other sisters dressing so nice I wished was. Then I got more better at covering up my body. I met my husband in a mosque in Zion, Ill. I was very happy. He helped me a lot Alhamdulilah! He told me about my clothes should not be so tight. I didn't think so. But, he bought a computer and I started looking on the web. Mashallah.

I read everything! Then I found Muslimah, talking about the veil. I was very surprised of what I have found. It was like gold to me. All this time I was walking around naked, Astaghforollah!!!!!! I was very wrong.

I went read the Chapter of Al Nur 31.( "Tell the believing women to draw their veils over their necks and bosoms"

Allah has ordered them to lower their head covering from their heads over the opening in front of chest. If it comes down from the head,it covers both the face and the neck and front chest area.

Allah also says,
" Tell the believing women not reveal their adornments except to their husbands, their fathers..."

And Sisters that was enough for me. Alhamdulilah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, started the next day. I went out a bought fabric and tried to make one and I have been wearing every since that day AND NOW IT HAS BEEN A YEAR THIS MONTH, MASHALLAH!!!

Was salaam, Sister Amirah