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Sister UmMuhamed
Proper Hijaab Story

I took my shahadah 6 years ago. When I accepted Islam the sisters told me that I must wear hijab and jilbab, which I accepted no problem alhamdulillah. I was told that the proper hijaab was for only very beautiful women. Needless to say that I did not even considering wearing it.

At the time that I accepted Islam there were several proper hijaabis in my community and I was always drawn to them. They looked so beautiful, so graceful, so full of emaan and nur.

I befriended one of the proper hijaabis sisters. Our children are about the same ages and they were also homeschooled. I began visiting here at home. While our children played we would sit and talk. At each one of our visits she would prepare a lesson or read from a book in Arabic and then translated it for me.

Never once did she make me feel bad or any less of a Muslimah because I did not wear proper hijaab. She quietly set an example for me. Now as I look back on it maybe she was waiting for me to ask her about the proper hijaab. After a year she moved to another state and when she moved there weren't any other proper hijaabi sisters in my community.

The following year Allah blessed me and my family to attend an Islamic convention. And guess who was at the same convention. The first proper hijaabi sister that I met, masha'Allah.

When I first entered the hotel it was as if the hotel lobby was full of proper hijaabis, masha'Allah. I wanted to be just like them. So the following day when the bazaar opened I bought my first full face proper hijaab with snaps and I have been wearing the proper hijaab ever since and that was three years ago now, alhamdulillah.

I must admit that I began wearing it without knowing the full importance of it. When my husband purchased our computer I began researching the issue of wearing proper hijaab. Alhamdulillah, I found several sites with the daleel (proof) for wearing proper hijaab. For what I have read the daleel (proof) is so strong.

Now I am wearing proper hijaab because of the daleel to do so, alhamdulillah.