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Sister Habiba's Proper Hijaab Story

Assalamu Alaikum,

I thought i'd sent in my story about how I came to proper Hijaab, although its not a very exciting story. I live in England. I began to notice one or two sisters wearing the proper hijaab in my area during Ramadan last year.

I have to admit that whilst the commitment they were showing struck a chord with me I thought I could never do that because it would be too uncomfortable.

My next experience was a little negative. A sister at work told me that her sister-in-law had been 'put in proper hijaab' by her brother, and had been crying about it for weeks. I felt sorry for her. One thing I could not understand though was that my husband told me that her husband who he knows from the masjid is one of the nicest, most decent people he has met. If he was so decent why was he forcing his wife to wear a veil she did not want to wear ? I asked myself.

I decided it was necessary to find out more about veiling. I bought two books on dress (both said it was Fard). I logged onto the Proper Hijaab and Muslimah Inspirations websites (they gave me unlimited encouragement and support), and Ibrahim asked at the masjid (he was told it was Fard in times of Fitnah like in our area today). Now I understood that a husband must command his wife to wear proper hijaab so my friend's brother was only doing what a caring husband should.

I knew I too should be wearing proper hijaab. I ordered one and began wearing it. I found it so difficult. It felt so hot. Although I knew I should be wearing it I wasn't fully committed. The final step was when I got in touch with a sister from London by e-mail. She was just like me. She knew it was necessary but was finding it hard. She gave me the support I needed.

Knowing she was also wearing the proper hijaab gave me the strength to commit 100% to the proper hijaab. I recently visited her and I would say that having the support of a fellow proper hijaabi was essential for me.

Finally I also needed the support of my husband. I have asked him to insist I wear the proper hijaab if I have moments of weakness, as he also considers it Fard this helps. It is not easy for me as my family are Sikh and do not like the proper hijaab.

Although it can be difficult to wear, knowing I am obeying Allah and following the practice of the wives of the Prophet (SAWS) makes me very happy.