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I was a normal girl , been brought up in a country , which follows many religions , I am an Indian but I live abroad , my early years were spent among my non Muslim friends in college and neighborhood , I studied in a convent background of dominating Christian theories and missionaries , from school days I was been close to Christian friends , I had a few Muslim friends too.

But always I thought and had a feeling that I cannot belong to this group , my parents [my father had passed away when I was just 13 years ] since then my mother had taken the responsibility of bringing us up , we were five comprising of 2 brothers and three sisters , Alhamdulillah we were very cared and brought up as good humans..

Though I was not wearing purdah , I was always attracted towards it , I could try wearing the abhaya [the robe or veil] of my relatives who used to come home as my mother never wore a hijab , as you would know the happenings in our country , they would ridicule one who wears a hijab , my non Muslim friends always commented if they had seen a Muslim in veil....''she looks like a ghost'' I never liked their comment , But could not help defend them as I did not know much about it

Today things have changed ... I see a lot of Muslim sisters in my country observing hijab ...though many do not cover face yet or wear the abhaya ,I will tell you about my first experience wearing the hijaab.

I got married into a very nice family , my mother in law is a very pious woman ,she has never missed her prayers and I have never seen her rude at any time ..even though she is quite old , she still observes her hijab properly .. I have never seen her talking or coming out in non muhrim surroundings husband is the last among her sons ...he is more like his mom he is a good Muslim and tries his best to perfect his religion every moment of his life .

Though my mother in law observes hijab .. My sister in laws were not ...My husband did not force hijab on me .. When I met him for the first time ,on the evening of our marriage ...he said that he wants his wife to wear hijab and observe proper Islamic sunnah in life , at first the thought of wearing the abhaya .... Which was lying in front of me ...struck dumb ..It was my husband's first gift ,I couldn't say anything ..I thought my first duty was to please him , as a good wife I thought of wearing it immediately , First day I had gone out in it to my parents house.. All Were just struck seeing me .

My friends were shocked relatives thought I wouldn't have worn all my life ... All had a kind of mixed feelings ...some said ..wear it when you go out with your husband ... And some ....All had their say.. But no one dared to tell ''don't observe it'' all knew the importance of it but .. The only thing was their willingness to accept the concept ..

I was then wearing a proper abhaya with a long scarf or duppatta ..Then slowly I felt I should be covering my face too.

The sense of being a woman ....and moving about in a joint family .. Made me feel that I should be observing my proper hijaab , Alhamdulilah from then I had observed my hijaab , I wear my socks ...but still not my gloves .. I am planning to .. Very sooooon inshallah .

Now I would like to add one thing ..since I changed the way of my life , it had inspired my sister in laws and now even they are wearing abhayas, its good to see them in proper hijaab I really pray to allah to inspire my other relatives and friends also ..Today I do a little bit of Dawah when ever I get the chance especially ,there is need for such a movement among our community living in Saudi Arabia at present and feel privilege to learn more about Islam ..we have lots of women Dawah groups here and I have many friends who belong and are doing active works for Muslim community though I cannot spare my full time for it I still do my best to learn from them and help them ... Through Internet I try to reach many of my friends home and abroad

I will inshallah write more about thing happening in life and around .... I am happy to be among this group and feel thankful to allah to have me introduced among such sisters ..

Jazzakalla Khair
Sister Shenaz