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Sister Shakoora Proper Hijaab Story

Assalaam Alaikum

Well, here is my story about how I came to wear Proper Hijab, it's actually a long story but I will cut it in half inshallah.

Okay, basically I was born and raised in Islam, my mother married my father (who was/is Muslim). And she became Muslim. Alhamdulillah. Well, me and my siblings were a little confused growing up because my fathers parents were Christian, and they tried everything in their power to christianize us. We would go over there on weekends and my grandmother would take us to church and bible study. So as a teenager I didn't want to believe in any religion because I thought that it was all too confusing. I decided not to pray to anyone, (but I somehow always seemed to manage to pray when I wanted something or when things wasn't going my way). After a while I felt a void in my life and I thought that I could fill that void by going to church. I was totally wrong. So I started to research religions and finally I was brought right back to where I started from-ISLAM. I retook my Shahadah about 4 years ago during Ramadan. About 2yrs ago, I started to wear proper hijaab. I don't know why I started to wear proper hijaab, I just liked the way it looked and plus I was told that even though it's not required of us to wear it, we would get many blessings for wearing it.

When I was in a state of ignorance, whenever I saw a Muslimah living in full purdah, I always cringed at the thought of being fully covered, staying in the house, and your husband doing all the talking, driving, shopping, etc., for you. I always called them stupid oppressed idiots following nothing but culture, and that I would NEVER EVER live like that. Now I know that I cannot say the word NEVER, because you don't know what you'll do until you are in that situation.

Well, like I stated earlier I was told that wearing proper hijaab was not required of us and that it was only fard on the Prophet's(saw) wives. I never even took the time out to research it, until I got a computer and started joining some of these groups for sisters. By that time I had taken my proper hijaab off, because I was starting to get weak in my deen. Alhamdulillah I am okay now, Allah was testing my iman, and I guess I passed the test for now. So after joining some of the groups and seeing what other sisters were saying about the proper hijaab being fard, I started on my quest for the truth. I searched and searched for info at all types of websites, I got books, I talked to other proper hijaabi's, etc., and I've done this until I got so much info that my brain began to overflow, but that one place that I did not look was the Quran. I'm sorry that I don't remember which egroup the sister was a member of but, she directed me to the surahs in the Quran that I need to get my proof from. So once I read those surahs(Al-Ahzab & Al-Nur), I felt that was all the proof that I needed. So I talked to my husband about those surahs, and he agreed that proper hijaab was fard on ALL believing women, so with my husband in my corner I've decided to wear proper hijaab again, this time I am wearing proper hijaab for all the right reasons. The main reason is because it is what Allah(swt) commanded us to do. I know that hadith about the Prophet(saw) stating that we can leave our hands and face uncovered must be a weak hadith because it contradicts what Allah's book tells us to do. I know that some scholars disagree on this very touchy subject, but I don't believe there should be any argument on something that Allah has commanded.

I was scared to wear proper hijaab at first because of what I thought people might say, but I overcame that fear because I realize it doesn't matter what they say, they can't see my face so therefore they don't know who I am anyway, so they can talk and giggle away. (It took me a long time to realize that)

As for family and friends, they might not like it at first, they may even make lots of rude remarks, but once they see that they can't change the fact that you wear proper hijaab, they will soon get over and used to it. Believe me I know, my family seemed like my worst enemies when I started to wear proper hijaab, the only ones that was in my corner were my husband, children, and my parents. Even my siblings hated me in proper hijaab, but hey guess what, they got over it.(Only takes a little time, you must have patience)

I was a college student and yes I did wear proper hijaab to school. I got a few looks but they were not rude looks it was just people merely being curious, which I do understand completely. So I have never had a problem at school.

I wear proper hijaab to the grocery store, and everywhere else. I get curious looks, I even hear a few of the comments being made, but they have never actually came up to me to make rude comments in my face(yet)

I have not started wearing proper hijaab to work yet, because some companies are really funny about certain things. So I talked to my supervisor, and I've even showed her pictures of the way that I would like to come to work. She said she has no problem with it. My coworkers on the other hand, had all kinds of rude remarks. I told them that I would soon be coming to work in proper hijaab, and they basically chewed me out. I felt bad, and didn't want to wear proper hijaab to work after a few episodes with some of my coworkers. One of my supervisors(she's a sweetheart) came to me one day and told me that she has some articles on proper hijaab that she would like for me to read. She also said that I should not let my coworkers get to me, if I feel that I need to wear proper hijaab to obey Allah, then I should wear it, because my coworkers are not the ones who are going to get me to paradise. I am going to be the one who play a huge part in getting to paradise by obeying Allah's commands. She said if I am going to do something then I should do it completely, no half-stepping, and that there is more proof pointing towards wearing proper hijaab than to not wear proper hijaab. So with that advice I felt very confident and good about wearing proper hijaab. (By the way my supervisor is not Muslim, but she has been studying Islam, she said she is thinking about taking her shahada, but she is still studying first).

So with that said, I have set a goal for myself, to wear proper hijaab to work starting during the month of Ramadan inshallah. Well that is my story on how I came to wearing proper hijab, I will keep you all posted on reaching my goal inshallah

JazakAllah Khair for reading my story