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Bissmillahi Arrahmani Arrahim
Assalamou 'Aleikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu,
Dear Sisters

It has been Two Weeks now since I wear proper hijaab alhamdoulillah. I thought I'd give you an evaluation of how I perceive the wearing of proper hijaab myself and how others react on me so far,I have never got any openly negative reactions, although I live in a country that is not very islam-friendly (Belgium, Roman Catholic predominance). 

First, The Reactions Of Others

I got all the stares that I was already used to wearing hijab so that didn't change much for me, except for the fact that I felt more secure in proper hijaab than in just hijab. 

So the proper hijaab has an overall Positive effect on me alhamdoulillah. 

I notice that I receive more marks of respect than ever before. People offer to carry my bags when they see it is too heavy or spontaneously hold the door, or things like that, which I never experienced before proper hijaab. 

I have been called a ninja once by children and a gangster once by a male youth, but not  directly to me, simply as a remark to friends. 
I heard a lot of whispering around me but as I couldn't understand what was said (and I didn't do my best to try to :)) I don't even know if these people were talking about me and frankly I don't care.

One Dutchman in the train wanted to start a conversation with me, stating that I looked as if I was going to an important religious event, but I didn't answer him and he didn't insist.

Insisting beggars who normally call to other people left me at peace.

Second, The Impression That I Got Myself

I love wearing the proper hijaab. I feel much more safe. I wear a white proper hijaab - I found a fabric to replace the eye veil so that it is see-through but not refracting, so that I can see well with a white eye veil too. I observe the "hijab of the eyes" so much better than without eye veil, which makes me feel more at ease with my own mind. I feel that I please Allah by wearing proper hijaab and that pleases me... I am not worried about the opinions of strangers in the street towards me.

My colleagues know that I wear proper hijaab after working-hours and they didn't have a negative reaction, so I feel more secure. On my job I have never been harassed even once, no sexually intended jokes are told around me, I feel my mind can "rest", if you understand what I mean.


Proper Hijaab Has a Very Positive Effect On Me Alhamdoulillah.

Salaam 'Aleikum,