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Sister Saajidah
Proper Hijaab Experience


As salaam alaikum to my beautiful proper hijaaba and soon to be proper hijaaba sisters!

My story of how I came to the proper hijaab or the hijaab as is described by the Sunnah and the Sahabas(ra) is very simple mashallah!

Well, I started wearing the head scarf pinned to the neck when I was about 16 years old. The head scarf would cover my ears, all of my hair and my neck. I would wear this style of scarf with an over coat style Jilbab, or basically the way the Jordanian/Palestinian ladies wear it, and I just knew I was covered properly, and had NO intention of putting on a proper hijaab because I had always at that time thought it was for the Prophet Muhammad(saw) wives.

So one day, my friend Muminah(Tajj) called me, because she was on the phone with a sister prior to me who wore the proper hijaab(Niqab,gloves, and so on) who had told her that wearing the proper hijaab was in the Quran. She told my Muminah to get the Noble Quran and so she did, she told her to turn to Surah Al-Ahzab, and Sura An-Nur, and so mashallah Muminah did,and Muminah was so surprised to literally see that BAAM,there it really was the definition of the Juyubihinna,and how to cover it and what to wear! So Muminah got off the phone with the veiling sister, and called me(Saajidah), so I swore up and down, no Muminah that was only for the prophet's(saw) wives and not for us.

She said Saajidah go get your Noble Quran and turn to these Sara So I did. And subannallah! There is was smacked in my face the proper hijaab, and the total description of the way we as Muslimahs were to be wearing our REAL hijaab. So sisters, without a doubt, I instantly said YA Allah! I submit! I did not care at that point whether my husband liked it, my family liked it or not, I was GOING to wear my hijaab properly!

So me and Muminah got off the phone so that we could make our veils to go out in the next day. So I had this white fabric left over from something that I had made a while back. So I took this white fabric and started to cut a square out of it, and I got a hold to some elastic, and I started cutting, sewing and ironing it,the whole nine yards. My husband at this time was sitting on the futton couch. He asked me what was I doing and I said "oh I am just making something", because I knew that my husband was not down for the the veil at all. So, anyway the next day I went out I put my proper hijaaba on, I ordered some gloves that were on the way from Caravan Xpress. I have been wearing the proper hijaaba/proper hijaab now for about 5yrs! Because my oldest daughter is 3 1/2 now, and my son is 2 and my new baby is 4 months.

And I started wearing the proper hijaab when my oldest child was only 7 months mashallah!! So I have been in it for a little while.

And when I found that Allah(swt) said wear it, and it was backed by the sunnah, and the Sahabas(ra) there was no question!! I sincerely put it on, and inshallah will NEVER take it off!! I love my proper hijaab, I am completely covered now, and I would like to inshallah stay this way!!

Allah (swt) says who are we to have choice and decision in what he has already decreed upon us!