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Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmat
Allahu Wa Barakatuh

Wow. I am so excited to be here , I don't know exactly where to begin with this message. I have so much to tell but I fear you would all get bored. So I'll try not to ramble.

My name is Ajeenah ,I am 22. Married for one year , insha'Allah. My parents are converts (reverts) so alhamdulillah I was raised in an "Islamic" household. I used quotation marks because our family was not very observant of the rules of this deen for many years. Alhamdulillah they are better now. But we all can do better. That's my background. Now let me get more to the subject at hand: my journey to proper hijaab.

May Allah forgive me, I didn't start wearing hijab until I was a junior in high school At that time my idea of adequate hijab was a khimar with a long shirt, loose pants or a long skirt. At that time I thought of proper hijaabis as extreme, confused, and misinformed. Over the next six years, however, my attitude would change.

I got married at the beginning of my senior year in college and at that time (my attitude had already changed for the better about proper hijaab) I started researching this subject of proper hijaab. I wanted to know more about it. Why some women wore it and why some didn't. After eight months of reading everything I could on the subject I concluded for myself that is our obligation to Allah.

I reached this conclusion about a week ago. I had the answer now I had to find the courage to act on it. Sisters, I know I don't have to tell you this, but Allah is so merciful. I made de for Allah to make wearing proper hijaab easy for me and alhamdulillah, He did. I woke up last Sunday, put the proper hijaab on without a second thought, and then headed for work. 90% of my coworkers didn't even blink an eye. On Monday, the owner (I work at a health food store) simply said: "So Ajeenah, you're going more conservative on us? I like it".

There is one more thing that I have to add about how Allah has made it easy and VERY clear for me. Three or four days before I had decided to wear proper hijaab, I discussed it with one of the managers. Sisters, listen to what she told me. "Ajeenah, if it is part of your religion you should do it tomorrow. Don't apologize for it." Alhamdulillah. A couple of days passed and I still hadn't donned the proper hijaab. On that same day a proper hijaabi lady who is a regular customer came in and I remarked that one day I would be dressed like that. Then, that same manager said "Ajeenah, what are you waiting for?" Subhanallah!!!! One more thing. The first day I came to work in proper hijaab that same manager said, "Well I'm glad you did it. Because if you hadn't worn it today, I had a little speech ready to chew you out."

Allah is so merciful. Alhamdulillahi Rabil 'al Ameen!!!

Asalaamu Alaikum