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Assalam Alaikum Rahmatullahi
Wa Barakatuh

I am glad to know that I have sisters out there that believe proper hijaab is the best way!!! ..SubhanAllah!!!!

Well my story is very simple ...I am 23 yrs old and I have been a Muslim since I was 18 years old thanks to Allah(SWT). My best friend introduced me to Islam and I just fell in love with it!!

Every question was answered for me Alhamdulillah! Islam has taught me to respect myself and to Love myself and that Woman are to be cherished as we are made from Allah(SWT)..I was married when I was 20 years old and unfortunately it didn't work but somehow Allah (SWT) gave me the strength to be stronger in Islam after this terrible thing happened .

A few months after my divorce I began to feel like proper hijaab was the best thing I wore hijab but this was so normal for me I just felt as if I wasn't fully covered.

I purchased a full proper hijaab and gloves and the next day I went outside with the proper hijaab and I felt so good Alhamdulillah!! I don't get ppl saying to me "ohh you are so pretty why do u wear that scarf and cover yourself !!" Now no one knows only Allah(SWT) and my family !!

I have to admit though proper hijaab is different at first and I have much respect for the proper hijaabi now !! I have just had to adjust to being out in public in proper hijaab I am not yet fully comfortable but I have faith that Allah (SWT) will help me through this insha'Allah!!

The hardest part is dealing with other Muslims that don't agree with proper hijaab! I told my ex husband I was wearing proper hijaab now Alhamdulillah and his response was "why? this is for old ladies" so insha'Allah I will find a brother one day that will love and respect me for choosing proper hijaab!! As far as believing proper hijaab is Fardh I haven't quite come to that conclusion yet I have been doing much reading on this issue and and have seen many Hadith that support proper hijaab but right now I will leave this for the scholars.. But ! I do believe proper hijaab is the BEST!!! Alhamdulillah!!!!

Jazakum Allah Khair