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Personal Experience In Adopting Full Islamic Veil

I was very happy to find that Islam is spreading even on the internet and dealing with crucial subjects and trying to fight the Kufar through technology . 

My experience was very nice as I have been now wearing Islamic veil since 6 years , this happened at the 20th of Ramadan 1994 when I heard from Dawah woman that even if a woman is doing her Islamic duties and still unveiled she will have nothing at her records in life and after life as if she is living like animals eating , sleeping , and having all her life in lose .

This made me think of the words as I used to Pray , Fast, and read Quran in the past but didnít wear veil , and I thought if all this I am doing will be lost , I most help myself . So I went to get Higab stuff and same day I did that.

To tell you my exact feeling , I really felt that I did what is best for my sole and body as I used to be of good beauty , but now I think I am beautiful more than ever because I purified my sole , and I thank Allah because I was able to submit to his orders .