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As Salaamu Alaikum,

My name is UmmMuhammad I live in the USA and have been Muslim now almost 9yrs, Me coming to proper hijaab or the propercovering was always in me from the very beginning,I loved wearing hijab always from the first moments into Islam, Thru out my time as a new Muslimah I had never really read anything about the veil,but I knew I had liked it from watching other sisters wear it.

In the past I would wear the veil because I felt like I should be treated with respect but to me I wasn't getting it just wearing hijab,Men still approached me as though I was just another "chic", So to keep them out of my face I wore it ,the veil on a regular basis to keep them at bay!! And Masha'Allah it worked men did stay away and in turn gave me respect like I knew I had deserved.

I did this off and on from 1993-1997, Because like I said I never read anything about it being something I should do as a Muslim woman, Until I got my hands on the NOBLE QURAN and it opened my eyes to research more and sure enough its what women of the past,the SAHABIYYATS did and something all Muslimahs should do AS WELL.

This eye opener took place in the summer of 1997, From there on out after me realizing this is a commandment for me to do MASHA'ALLAH I have'nt been out of it since(the veil), I love to veil and cover my body,I feel honorable and respectful, I feel private and secure!!!!

ALHAMDULIALLAH Allah has brought me a long way and is still guiding me one the StraightPath!!!! Covering our bodies is a blessing from Allah and this something we must do.

This is a part of the Quran and Sunnah! "
May Allah keep us on the Straight Path"

Your Sister In Islam