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My Proper Hijaab Story

By Tahira

"Here comes that Muslim lady again. I feel so bad for her that her husband makes her dress that way!" I get this reaction all the time now that I wear proper hijaab. I am not the only one on campus who wears hijab , I actually am friends with the 4 women that cover. 


We call one another and give encouragement when times get tough and people make ignorant comments.

My quest and commitment to proper hijaab began six months ago. I began contemplating a deeper meaning of being a Muslimah. I try not to consider others when making these decisions but it would be untrue to say that the words of others did not affect me. I began pouring over literature and talking with women who wore proper hijaab. I got everything from "Allah wills it" to "My personal choice."

My spouse was not supportive at all , He feels that women who wear proper hijaab are oppressed and backwards , I understand his motivation for feeling this way , All that is portrayed about Muslimahs in foreign countries is ignorance and oppression.

Summer school is going on right now and I am not enrolled because I need to get some rest and relaxation , My husband is getting used to me wearing proper hijaab , He even helps me pick out which one to wear.

All of the Muslimah are going to attend the first day of classes together for moral support and each of the sisters has personally contacted me and said that they wish they had the courage to veil.

My reply has always been that I love Allah and I am willing now to do whatever He expects of me. I deal with death everyday and when I wake up and see the sunrise, I am thankful that Allah allowed me another day to live.

Thank you Allah for loving me enough to raise a child, have a wonderful spouse and give my all to You.