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Sister UmmYasmin Proper Hijaab Story

Salaam Alaikum

How did I come wearing proper hijaab? Well first of all, I came Muslima 4 years ago,I live in Finland, Here in Finland we have 25 000 Muslims.

I was born in Jehovah witness family and raised as one, until I made my own choose and came atheist (I was then around 11 years).My mother send me to reform school and I stayed there until I found my husband and married him.

So, shortly I got interested about Islam and came Muslima in very short time . First I started to wear hijaab,it was not easy for me,and I think that I did not understand meaning of hijaab very well that time,so I had times when I did not wear it and then I had times when I wore it. I felt shame when I did not wear it and my husband was also angry with me,because it is not right to go up and down . He said I have to make up my mind,but it took very long time..

So finally started to wear hijaab all the time and I came to that point that I said to my self, that I will never take it off anymore,but it happened again, that after I was in Bangladesh, I gave up from my hijaab again. I started to make up and so on , And sure my husband was very upset And my mind was very confused also.

Now I am sure that it was Shaytaan who made me that way and I was weak for his whispers,Astaghfirullaah.

And then I started all over again, I studied about hijaab and Islam , also my deen came more stronger , again I started to wear hijaab, now I pray Allah that He will keep me from my hair and wont let me loose again like it was a year ago.

And then I started to study all days thinking about Islam, going to lectures and so on, reading lots of books and alhamdulilllah my Iman grew by the time .

I finally started to wear khimar(or is it jilbab?),but still not face veil, even I was thinking about it,but I was not ready from my heart.

Then I got my internet,and I met some sisters who wear proper hijaab and I found club for proper hijaabis and I started to study about proper hijaab. I did not know any proper hijaabis before , Alhamdulillah now I know many from net and from Finland.

So finally (latest news), I started to wear proper hijaab, Now I am feeling very good and strong about proper hijaab, and InshaAllah, I will keep on this way.

This is right thing to do,we must obey Allah and do our best to be better Muslims,it is most important in this life . Allah made us and he is blessing us every day. Our reward will be paradise , InshaAllah,and there will be no suffering or pain anymore. If this life we give for Allah then next life,which is ever lasting,will be for us!

Before, I was thinking about what people think about me, if I wear hijaab or proper hijaab ,, Now I understand, that it was wrong.. I have to think Allah alone. And I have to afraid Allah alone. And I have to please Allah alone. Allah alone is enough for me Amen.

Wa al-salaam your sister in Islam , UmmYasmin.