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How I Came to Wear
Proper Hijab

My name is Amenah I reverted to Islam 12 years ago, I wore Hijab and Jilbab when I first reverted, My husband is from Jordan, The first trip to Jordan to visit my husband's family I learned about proper hijaab and full covering of our bodies Alhamdulilah.

My husband's Sister wore proper Hijab , Full proper hijaab with veil, Jilbab, gloves and non see through socks, She explained about what Allah(swt) has ordained for us as Sister's to wear, Being fairly new to Islam I might not of liked it at the time if she had just started giving me orders without explanation and her wonderful way of showing me through her wonderful attitude about Islam, Mashallah I loved it.

My mother in law loved me to wear it, my husband loved it and most of all , I finally felt I was pleasing Allah in my dress , I seek to please Allah in all that I do in life although we can be mislead easily, Many Sisters in Jordan and here in America told me veiling, gloves and socks were not necessary was shown ways to tie my Hijab about my neck, not covering my chest, When any Sister wore full Hijab to our Mosque here in the US, many sisters would say oh you think you are so beautiful you have to cover your face and hands.

No, none of that is true, We cover fully because Allah has told us to do so, What is stylish does not matter, only pleasing Allah matters, I thank Allah with all my heart everyday for showing me the truth through my husband's Dear Sister, Now when I go out in all my clothes even when it is hot, I smile and thank Allah for His many blessings.

Your Sister In Islam