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Asalaam Alaikum

Sisters today is my first full day since college started in proper hijaab. I went last week for a meeting, but this was totally different, but let me speak of that later and tell as to how I came to proper hijaab.

I was reading a variety of books on proper hijaab as well as some articles online, but it wasn't until a brother at work let me read the modesty section in quran where it said that the wifes of the prophet (swt) and forgive me if i say this wrong "placed their veils over their faces when non- mahrem men approached", that i knew it was to be done.

So today I went to school from face to toe in black and got some stares and funny looks but nothing more. I was so happy. This morning I called up one of my best friends and told her my news and she said congrads.

Walaikum Asalaam
Your sister in Islam