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Proper Hijaabi In The Netherlands

Esalmoelaikoem wa rahmatoelahie wa Barakatoe

I live in a big city and there are only 5 women in this city who wear proper hijaab , proper hijaab here is new for most of the people and so they think that you are a terrorist if you wear it , people are scared of you and they say bad things and sometimes don't care.

A sister of mine was once thrown at with things because she wears proper hijaab and sometimes they laugh , But I DON'T REALLY CARE when they call me names and , sometimes I get up sad and I think making a very bad dua for them , But then I think of the SAHABA and what they have gone through and note that I am in a good position because no one is attacking me , Alhamdoelilah Rabiel Alamien.

I am 22 years old and wearing proper hijaab for almost 2 years now ( Alhamdoelilah Rabiel Alamien ) When I was wearing Khimaar I always felt that I want to wear proper hijaab with gloves But didn't know why and didn't saw it Waajib.

My husband liked it very much for women to wear proper hijaab but didn't tell me that I had to do so , The feeling that I wanted to wear proper hijaab hunted me from time to time And I have made my choice to wear it .

In the beginning I was little afraid to go out with it (astagfiroelah) Because there were no many women wearing it and sometimes I felt alone with it , I am from Morocco but was born and grown up in the Netherlands , there are not many people who are Moroccans with proper hijaab here And so they didn't understand that when I decided to wear it , But Alhamdoelilah Rabiel Alamien.

I love to wear proper hijaab and let no man see me because I am a Muslima just like other Muslima's with Faith (Imaan) , Allah(swt) has given us a look like a diamond and a diamond has to be saved in a safe place that makes it not possible for anyone to see it.

My Allah(swt) protect our Muslims all over the world and help the mojahidin , may Allah(swt) forgive our sins and let us be the women of Paradise.

Esalamoelaikoem wa Rahmatoelahie wa Barakatoe