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As Salaam Alaikum Sisters!


I started my daughter who is now 4 years old in her little hijaabs when she was about 2 1/2 yr. old , Because at this time my step daughter was wearing hers and she too started at about 3 years old,

I live here in America where Islam is the fastest growing religion , But still not yet quite prevalent , My daughter enjoys wearing her hijaab , she will not go out of the home without it on her own will , not because she is forced,

I am always complimenting her on how beautiful she is in her hijaab , My daughter now also wears little miniature jilbabs that I make for her, with her hijaabs, inshallah in the future as puberty approaches she will wear the proper hijaab , She wears her jilbabs every where she goes with her hijaab, Inshallah as my daughter grows into more understanding, I will implement the Hijaab as a subject in her home school curriculum,

I believe personally that if you are living in a Westernized environment or a Muslim country that is very westernized, a little Muslim girl should be introduced to wearing a little scarf on her head when she is in public, This will begin to teach her who and what she is, and what she is not, She will begin to maybe start internalizing Islam, and identifying with being a Muslim girl proudly !

The western countries are so contrary to the Islamic lifestyle, for instances naked women, naked men, beliefs that to show the body is a way of femininity for a woman, and masculinity for a man, this ideology is very contrary to the Islamic mode of lifestyle, And so when I dress my daughter this way, I feel that I am giving her Islam, By instructing her about Islam in our home, and then allowing her to live Islam outside of our home.

The Hijaab to me not only shows my Muslim daughter who and what she is at an early age, but makes her act Islamicly , I taught my daughter to say if some one asks her "Why do you wear that?" She is to say "Because I am a Muslim princess" and Allah (god) tells women and girls to cover themselves".

This to me helps to boost up their esteem and in wanting to identify with Islam, Because naturally our girls are different when they wear hijaab and the non Muslim children do not, And so they need to know what to say in such cases, when they are asked about this by other children, I personally have heard my daughter tell a little girl this, and the little girl wanted to be a "Muslim princess" too, LOL!

So to me and my family Hijaab is a very important aspect of outwardly identifying with who and what we are, I am a Full Hijaabi Sister / proper Hijaabi ,

I have a 8 month old daughter also, inshallah she too will don the hijaab about 2 years old, Muslim girls, love to cover when they are encouraged to, We has Muslim parents should NEVER doubt this ! We should love to see our little girls covered in such a beautiful statement such as the Hijaab!

May Allah reward tremendously Muslim mothers who teach there daughters to hijaab!