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Assalaum Alaikum

I pray this finds you in the best of health, happiness, and strong Imaan, My name is Amenah and I wear full proper hijaab that cover my eyes,I can tell you some of my experiences,Insha-Allah it will help.

I reverted to Islam 13 years ago and first started wearing Hijab, Then several years later I started wearing the half proper hijaab,Now for the last couple of years I have covered my eyes, It bothered me too at first and I was been called ninja, its not Halloween etc,

One day in the pharmacy a little boy looked at me and told his mom "look mom there is Jesus"! ,,, Masha-Aallah I have never had anything worse than a few words, We recently moved to a smaller town where there not used to it like they were where I lived before, I have found many people are just curious about it, Many times I have been asked about it, and they have always been very polite Alhumdulilah, To other women I try to be friendly and polite and I have found that most everyone treats me with respect,I feel that when we are doing something for the sake of Allah(SWT) He is our Protector.

When you start covering your eyes ask Allah(SWT) to make it easy for you, Ignore any remarks you hear,When you get the chance to have a conversation with a non-Muslim woman if she asks explain to her about why we dress the way we do, Many people think our husbands makes us wear it and that we are oppressed, Now when we go out somewhere I don't even notice people starring at me, Sometimes my husband will tell me, Insha-Allah after you wear full proper hijaab for a while you will become more comfortable with it and you won't notice the stares so much.

May Allah bless you and make wearing Proper Hijab easy for you and reward you, and may the peace of Allah be upon us all, Ameen.

Your Sister in Islam,