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A Sister Asked

Assalamu Alaikum

A sister asked: "How has wearing face veil helped your faith in allah swt?"

I know this question was directed to the new sister in Islam, but I'd like to share my experience as well and I hope that's okay.

I don't come from a very religious family. I was a modern American Muslim, no hijab or anything. I used to wear make-up, do my hair and other people's hair all pretty, wear jeans and sweatshirts, and I didn't perform my salah as often as I should have, but I often remembered Allah in my heart (just didn't show it through salah or hijab/Proper Hijaab). Anyway, I went through a gradual changed from the time I was 16, in my junior year in high school.

In June 1999, when I turned 17, I started to wear the head scarf and stopped wearing all western clothing. And my senior year, my last and final year in high school, I went onto independent studies, so I'd be free from the fitna, which I don't regret at all. This did me good cuz I finished the whole year's course in one semester! So I was free for the next semester. I decided in memorize Qur'an, which I started on February 1st, 2000. The Qur'an has played a huge role in my life and it is what caused me to start changing in the first place. Exactly 7 days of studying Qur'an, I had the sudden urge to wear Proper Hijaab, which I wasn't very excited to wear before. But when I started wearing it, I kinda felt "freed." And I don't know how to explain it, but it felt great and it strengthened my iman and helped me become a more stronger and better Muslim and with it, I also earned more respect.

I believe Proper Hijaab is fard as proven by Qur'an and ahaadith, so knowing that I was following an important commandment of Allah and thereby, pleasing Him, helped me realize that I could do more in pleasing Him, so when I began wearing Proper Hijaab, it made me realize a lot of things, like the evilness of TV, lol!, so I quit that.

I just know that Proper Hijaab has helped to strengthen my faith as well as my resistance against sin, but it's hard to explain just how. Allah knows best and I hope and pray that the Proper Hijaab helps all the Muslimahs who choose to wear it. May Allah keep us steadfast in our iman.