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Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Raheem
Assalaamu Alaikum Sisters...

Well, a while ago a Dear Sister had sent me a photo of herself in proper hijaab and I thought it was the most beautiful pic I had ever seen! She looked so lovely, pious, righteous and confident and I wanted to look and feel that exact same way!

I did put my proper hijaab on , but for a very short time because I got pregnant and couldn't breathe with my proper hijaab on... But before I had taken it off I had been asked if I was a ninja and people had talked behind my back at WalMart.

I didn't mind being asked if I was a ninja... he was just curious and my husband is the one who answered him. But I HATED being talked about behind my back... 'Why would she wear that?!'.

It makes me angry how people think a woman is 'oppressed' because she covers herself, protects herself, loves herself... But if they wear short skirts, tight pants, etc it's OK!

It is NOT OK for all men to look at your body, only your husband should have that right and I feel like... if you're married and still wear those clothes there is something wrong with you and your husband! Why would you want men to look at your wife and desire her?! I'm sorry... this just gets me very angry.

Anyway, like I said I had taken it off due to being pregnant and not being able to breathe with it on. I finally got the strength to put it back on last week masha'allah! I was contemplating taking it off before I answered the door to get my food from the delivery guy though... I was nervous! But now I laugh at myself for being silly :o) The delivery guy looked at me with respect and curiosity. Afterwards I felt so wonderful!!! I had done it! I felt FREE :o) And insha'allah that is the way it will always be.

I also wrote awhile back a poem about covering.. Here it is:

A Strong Woman

Have You Ever Seen The Real Me?
When You Look At Me, What Do You See?
Do You See A Strong Woman?
Or A Weak Woman Because I'm Not Like You?
Do You Hear What I Say?
Or Do You Turn Your Ear The Other Way?
I Cover Myself Because I Respect Myself.
I Lower My Gaze Because I'm Modest.
I Believe In Myself.
Do You?